Saturday, May 10, 2008

York Region Cemetery Transcript Updates

MAY 10 2008
Roaches Point Cemetery was re-transcribed last year and has been published. That was not planned, but rather just fell into our laps courtesy of one of our members. It's great that members take the initiative, but it might be a good idea to check with the branch before undertaking something just in case it is already being worked on. No need to have several people doing the same thing. You may also need to find out about formats as we do require the information to be a specific way. If you have a project in mind, let us know and if we are already doing it, I'm sure there will be something you can do to help. Volunteers are ALWAYS welcomed.

Finally got the Briar Hill Cemetery completed. A volunteer redrew the maps with CADD and they look super. They were submitted for publication last week and should be off to the printer shortly.

Back to the Aurora Cemetery transcript. Will continue to work on the index - Section A is complete and Section B is almost complete. Will print and proof them. Still waiting for the volunteers to submit Sections C through F. I will continue on with G once I have done the proofing.

Now that the weather is clearing up I can get back to the cemetery and proof the new stones that were transcribed last summer. Already have the pictures that I want to use for the transcripts. Wonder if they will let me in to take internal photos of the dead house??? Hopefully it is empty! Will also ask if I can go to into the vault for photos.

There is a lot of information for the history so that will not be a problem. The trick will be editing it down. Need to revise the map too. Hoping to have this one ready before fall.

Next on the list is Newmarket Cemetery. The proofing was completed last summer, so I have to do the computer updates on the transcript and the index. Have pictures, but history is a problem as there is not much info available. Will try the Museum in Newmarket.

Still on the waiting list is, in no particular order, Elmwood Cemetery (Markham), Mount Albert Cemetery, and Queensville Cemetery. They all need to be re-proofed as they were transcribed possibly as long ago as 10 years. Well before I took over as Cemetery Co-ordinator.

Having a problem finding any information on Elmwood. Will welcome any tips for sources of info. Haven’t tried to find anything on Queensville or Mount Albert. No rush as those won’t be worked on in 2008, unless someone starts the transcription proofing and adding the new “residents”.

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