Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aurora Cemetery Index update

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Yesterday I received the indexed portion of Sections M, M1 and MX. Thanks Hugh! I have completed Sections L and L1 and have gone back to index Section G. I'm not sure if I handed that out, but I don't think so. I'm pretty sure only C/D and E/F were given away.

I emailed my two helpers and asked for a reply by the end of June. No reply yet from one, and the other person's email bounced back twice. I have been given this person's phone number and will call after the long weekend, just in case they went away. I may try emailing one more time as the same email address was given when renewing membership for 2008.

If the weather is nice on Tuesday, I might be able to go out to the cemetery in the morning to check the new rows that I transcribed last summer. Might even try Monday after work. Definitely need to do that before I start the indexing for O, S and T. There are a few new stones in N that need to be proofed as well.

After I have completed indexing G, I will go on to N. Section O will take quite awhile as the transcription for that section alone is almost 80 pages - approx. 25% of the entire cemetery! Then P, R1, R2, R3, S and T. Those sections total 17 pages of transcription so should not take long. Might even skip over O and do those first.

Our branch is hosting a 1/2 day seminar at the beginning of October and I would really like to have this transcription ready by then. In order to have it published and ready for sale, I need to have it all put together by mid-September. There is more than just the indexing that needs to be done. I have to go through all the data I have gathered for the history. So much information is available it will be hard to figure out what to eliminate. I also have to go through the box I was given and try to find the names of all the helpers for the front of the publication. The map needs to be updated too as there are new rows to add, as well as two new sections. The transcription is over 300 pages, and I'm sure the index will be over 100. It's currently sitting at 47 pages, and that does not include C through F. I have not merged Section M yet - that is another 17 pages. The index might end up around 150 pages. Time will tell.

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