Saturday, August 29, 2009

Newmarket Cemetery Changes

August 29, 2009

Was out getting more updates for the Newmarket Cemetery and noticed that the Cemetery Corporation made some changes that affect the transcript. In two of the sections near the columbarium they gathered up some of the old flat stones and built several square cement or concrete squares and slapped the stones up along the sides. Depending on how large or small the stones, there are between one and five stones per side. They are not in the same order as they were originally, and some are not even in the same row. Have been trying to re-do those rows of the transcript.

Also noticed there are two new columbariums; these ones are six or eight sided. The others are rectangular. I've only seen about three that have been engraved, so they may or may not become part of the transcript. At the very least, they will be on the cemetery map.

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