Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Several people have been asking about a cemetery directory for York Region.  Looks like we may have one available in a month or two.

I spent Saturday and Sunday morning driving around Georgina and Vaughan to get the distances from major intersections to update the directions.  The previous directory had directions like "north of Steeles" and no indication how far  north.  Toronto Branch had published the directory when York was still part of Toronto.  It didn't become a separate branch until a few years later.  I believe the publication was in the late 1980's.

There have been a few I could not find, but will try again.  If I can't find them, then I'll just have to use the old directions.  Could be they are no longer visible. 

Target - end of August.  I plan on taking a sample printout to the next exec meeting on the 23rd, so hopefully it will meet everyone's approval and we can announce it at the next branch meeting.

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