Sunday, October 17, 2010

Newmarket Cemetery Update

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Well, yesterday and today I took photos of all the headstones so I can finish the transcript finally.  Listed all the stone numbers and last names, then went through again and took the pics.  Over 250 in each section.  I was sure that the last 2 sections had been updated last summer, but I can't find the info anywhere.  Oh well, at least I have the pics to go from.

Already have a history, and have all but 4 sections indexed.  There was an index prepared when the transcript was first done several years ago, but it desperately needs to be updated, especially the last few sections as that is where most of  the new burials seem to be.  Preparing the death date index for the OGS website as I go so that will be ready.  The death date index is a great way to find little errors in the index.

Once the indexing is finished, just have to prepare the maps.  I think that is everything that needs to be done. Had hoped to complete this before last Christmas and didn't make it.  Not going to even try to guess at a timeframe this time.

Came across one grave without a marker, but with a touching sign . . . Nana & Grampa's Garden of Eden.  I wonder who Nana and Grampa are. Maybe the Cemetery Corp can tell me if I can find them in the office.  It's only open now and then.  Doesn't seem to have hours.

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