Saturday, September 8, 2012

Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Just came back from a re-dedication of this old cemetery - 206 years old.  The mayor presented a certificate and a local historian presented two copies of a book on Richmond Hill.  It's been raining since sometime overnight, but it stopped for the presentation.

This land is believed to previously have been a First Nation's burial site.  Several years ago a settlement was found just a block or so south of this location, and the First Nation's prefer high ground for their burial sites, so the current location of the Richmond Hill Cemetery would have been ideal.

The cemetery has an octagonal dead house, one of only a few remaining in York Region.  Each wall is the length of a coffin, so eight can be placed in over the winter.  If it was a bad year, then they could be stacked along the walls. The only other ones I can think of at the moment are in the Aurora Cemetery and the King City Cemetery. The man who built the one in Richmond Hill is from Aurora (my home town).

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