Sunday, January 3, 2010

Newmarket Cemetery

January 3, 2010
Still working on the index for the transcript and the death date index for the OGS website. Thought this would be done in 2009, but it requires more work than I originally thought. There have been a lot of additions that need to be added since the original work several years ago, and also a number of errors in the index that was done back then. Working on section E at the moment.

Still lots more to do as it's a pretty large cemetery.


Sheri said...

My name is Sheri Fenley and I have the "Meet A Rabbit" column over at the Graveyard Rabbit Association. I would like for your blog to have a turn in the Spotlight. Please contact me:

Family Historian said...

I am excited everytime I find a new blog surrounding areas of my family history....I have walked the Newmarket cemetery a couple of times on trips east searching for gravestones of my ancestors...Lundy, Widdefield, Kinsey, etc....thank you for all your work some of the gravestones there are in such poor condition..I also do a blog: twice upon a time" about my research of my Lundy history

Cheryl Stuart (nee Lundy)