Saturday, March 20, 2010

Transcript Update

March 20, 2010
Still trying to finish up the index for the Newmarket Cemetery. Up to Section I now. Since we need a death date index for the OGS website, I'm doing that at the same time. I've completed the additions/corrections to Section I and am in the process of putting the death dates into a spreadsheet for the death date index. I'm up to page 65 of 118 pages in the current index. It may be a little longer once the new people are added, but it won't grow too much. Looks like I've gotten past the half way mark.

After Newmarket is done, it's back to the Mount Albert Cemetery. I got about half way through last fall looking for new additions. Haven't added them yet, and have to update the index, as well as create the death index.

Also, last summer a few volunteers went out to the Second Markham Baptist Church Cemetery (aka Springvale) to re-transcribe that. It was last done about 20 years ago. Just waiting for that to be typed up so I can put it all together.

One other thing I haven't worked on for awhile is the cemetery book. This is separate from the Cemetery Directory (which I guess needs to be published this year too). The book will be one chapter for each area in York Region; there are nine. Each of the nine chapters will have a sub-chapter for each cemetery. If there are small family plots, or a single grave, I will probably combine them in one chapter. I want to include not only cemetery information, but a bit of info about any prominent people in that cemetery, and some history of the area. Would also like a chapter on the common symbols on the stones, and maybe an Appendix listing military abbreviations. Will also list the current cemetery publications that are available for sale.

It will be another busy cemetery summer in 2010.

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Janet Iles said...

I have just discovered your blog through Sheri's introduction through meet the graveyard rabbits. I was not aware of your site.

My ancestors - Hemingway, Johnston, Stiver and related families came to Markham Township. I am co-president of the Markham Berczy Settlers Association. I write about my Markham ancestors on my blog.

I look forward to reading your articles on your blog.