Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 wrap up

Looking back on my 2010 to-do list, looks like I finished a big, fat zero.  Running through what I had posted in my list, updates are as follows.

The Newmarket Cemetery is 95% done.  There are a few stone that were covered up by large plants.  I'll have to go back in the spring before the plants start to grow.  One stone was almost completely obscured by an evergreen.  Why, oh why, do people plant evergreen shrubs in front of stones, rather than beside them?  The updates have been put into the transcript, except the stones I can't read yet, and the index is almost up-to-date.  I have 2 or 3 sections to edit.  The only other thing left to do is the map(s).  I can do that over the winter.  This transcript should be ready by May (fingers crossed).

Markham/Springvale Cemetery.  Didn't really do anything with this one.  Actally, I forgot about it.  Volunteers did the transcript, and I need to do the map and history.  I want to get out to the cemetery as I didn't understand a few things in the transcript.  Once I see the stones, I should understand better.  It's not a big cemetery, so once I get out there, shouldn't take long to get it finished.

Mount Albert Cemetery didn't even get looked at unfortunately.

The cemetery book kinda took a back seat to everything. Not sure I even gave it much thought at all.

One thing that did get done was a cemetery day at the Queensville Cemetery.  It was started years ago by the previous co-ordinator, and left as is.  A few of us showed up on the designated day, and most of the sections were re-proofed and updated before the summer ended.  I have one section to complete, and one person has another section that didn't get started.  The columbariums have to be updated, but I can do that over the winter after I finish the maps for Newmarket.  I took pictures of them all.

The Bloomington-Methodist Cemetery can probably be released in 2011.  I was waiting and waiting for the source of the history to be sent to me, and I've given up.  I will just list the person who passed on the information since he is not sending me his source.  It just needs to be printed and handed over for publication.

The Ebenezer Cemetery will also be released in 2011.  Can't find much history on it, so I will try to find some brief bios on a few of the 'residents' if I can.  I should be able to hand over the master of this and the Bloomington Cemetery at the next meeting at the end of the month.

Happy New Year


Linda said...

I was happy to see that some work is being done to get transcripts from the Queensville cemetery. Is there an idea of when it will be completed and if copies will be available to the public?

Nanci said...

Hoping to finish it by the end of the summer (2011). There are 1-1/2 sections to update, and the new burials to get. Can't do that until the snow melts. It will be for sale on the York Region Branch website once it is published.