Saturday, February 26, 2011

Publications for 2011

I finally handed in the transcript for WHS-003, Bloomington Methodist Cemetery.  It was transcribed awhile ago, but I was waiting for the map.  Got sick of waiting and did my own. :)

At the same time, I handed in Ebenezer Cemetery, MRK-012.  It's beginning to look like there will be several cemeteries ready for publication in 2011.

Newmarket, NWM-002,  will be ready for publication shortly.  All I have to do is finish the maps.  I've done the master map that shows the entire cemetery, and need to break it out into sections with lines showing the row numbers.  That's a little tedius, but I'll get it done.  Hopefully in time to hand the printout over for printing either at the branch meeting in a few weeks, or the next exec meeting at the end of March.

Also, I decided to finish up another one that was started earlier - Clendenan Cemetery, MRK-010.  That one is a small family cemetery of 5 stones.  It was saved from developers, and is now a nice little cemetery within a parkette surrounded by a new subdivision.  Just need to try to find out who took the pictures of the original cemetery, and find out if we are going to sell it, or just put it in our library.  If we are going to sell it, I need an ISBN for publication.  Have asked about that and am awaiting an answer. With luck that will also be handed in within the next month.

About a year ago I got 3 boxes of cemetery stuff, and finally started to go through them.  Have one cleaned out and found some pretty cool stuff.  There is a burial site that was discoved years ago when the construction was started for a retirement home.  I found a report prepared by the archeoligist, and photos that show skeletons in the graves.  The bodies were not relocated, just reburied.  A plaque beside the retirment home marks the location.  It it wasn't for that sign, you would never know graves were present.

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