Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pet Cemetery

As a child I had heard about a pet cemetery in town.  Never had it confirmed, but recall being told it was at the east side of the cemetery.  Well, it turns out there really is a pet cemetery, but it's actually across the road from the cemetery.

It has recently become public, but unfortunately it is on private property. A friend of mine is spear-heading it's preservation.  It is rather large, and has big and elaborately carved head stones. The family names are recognizable as prominent people in the community.  Because it is a pet cemetery, there are no precedents for preservation. There may be a loophole though.

This property was once owned by relatives of the man trying to save it, and there is a possibility that in addition to pets, his ancestor may actually be buried there. If that is true, then that will help save it.

Fingers crossed.

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